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Wojciech Gut

Wojciech Gut

Tax advisor, entry No 11053

The VATAX Tax Advisory Office was created by a tax advisor, a court expert in the field of taxes at the District Court in Warsaw, together with a group of people who, having the appropriate qualifications, professional experience gained in consulting firms and commercial law companies, decided to run their own business. The Law Firm is a member of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers.

In our offer you will find a wide range of tax and accounting services that will certainly meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our company offers you services in the field of tax consultancy and typical accounting services such as:

- keeping books of account,

- keeping the Tax Revenue and Expenditure ledger,

- keeping VAT registers

The high competence of our employees confirmed by the necessary certificates and approvals are a guarantee of the highest quality of the proposed services. Tax advisory cases are conducted by the owner of the company Wojciech Gut, who has an entry in the list of tax advisors and is a permanent partner of the renowned law firm AKlegal - winner of the national competition RISING STARS 2012, organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and LEXISNEXIS Publishing House and many consulting companies in our country. All the employees have a degree in education obtained from renowned national universities. The offer is complemented by a full range of HR services and ZUS documentation. The firm is insured.


I promise that as a tax advisor I will pursue this profession guided by the good of my clients, with all diligence and reliability, in accordance with the law, knowledge and professional ethics. I will keep the facts and information I learn in connection with my profession secret from third parties
Wojciech Gut. Tax advisor, entry No 11053

We are always at your disposal

Natalia Gut

Natalia Gut

Lawyer, Managing partner
Małgorzata Gregorczyk

Małgorzata Gregorczyk

Lawyer, Head of the firm
Paulina Starczewska

Paulina Starczewska

Deputy head of the firm, Accountant
Katarzyna Gut

Katarzyna Gut

Lawyer, Brand Manager


Online accounting

Online bookkeeping - a new look at accounting services. An unquestionable advantage of our Law Firm is that each interested Client has access to their own accounting data 24 hours a day. The client receives ready-made, processed financial information, necessary to function in modern economy.

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Legal advice, registration of companies

We invite you to take advantage of our assistance in registering limited liability companies as well as other commercial law entities. For Entrepreneurs who want to start their business immediately, we offer the purchase of a ready-made limited liability company. We also keep full accounting records of companies (commercial books).

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Keeping synthetic and analytical records of the trading books in accordance with the Accounting Act and the company chart of accounts, based on documents and information received from the Client. As part of the service, we offer full service in the field of commercial books (commercial law companies, individuals, associations, foundations). We also keep all other legally required tax records and registers.

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Tax advise

A tax advisor will help you to find yourself in the maze of complex and changing tax regulations. After 1989, an obligation of self-calculation and self-assessment was imposed on all taxpayers, which until then had been the responsibility of the tax administration. Consequently, this means that every taxpayer has to apply tax law himself and is liable for it.

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remained in the assets of customers who trusted us in disputes with the State Treasury


years of experience



Our customers

About us

  • A tax advisor is a profession of public trust established by the Tax Advisory Act of 5 July 1996.

    The condition for practising the profession of a tax advisor is to have high qualifications - higher education, specialist knowledge, as well as extensive experience in the broadly understood financial law and other fields of law. The Corporate Act requires tax advisors to continuously improve their qualifications through participation in conferences, seminars and training courses. In addition to a broad knowledge of the subject matter, a tax advisor must be impeccable and his conduct must provide a guarantee of proper performance.

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  • July 2012 - Appearing before the WSA on behalf of our client, we obtained the revocation of the entire tax decision for a substantial amount of less than 9,000,000 PLN.


    September 2017 - for our client we obtained a binding tax interpretation, in the field of VAT - thanks to which he avoided 40,000 PLN of tax.


    April 2017 - in a dispute with the Director of the Tax Chamber, the Provincial Administrative Court annulled the decision establishing the joint and several liability of the shareholders of the partnership - the amount of 30,000 PLN.


    September 2016 - in a dispute with the Head of the Tax Office, we obtained the annulment of the VAT and PIT tax decision - the amount of 205,000 PLN.


    October 2015 - in the dispute with the Head of the Tax Office we obtained the annulment of the VAT decision - the amount of 115,000 PLN.


    September 2015 - in the dispute with the Mayor of the City we obtained a revocation of the property tax decision in the amount of 25,000 PLN.


    July 2015 - for our client we obtained a binding tax interpretation, thanks to which he avoided 33,000 PLN of tax.


    June 2015 - in the dispute with the Head of the Tax Office, we obtained the annulment of the tax decision on joint and several liability of shareholders for the amount of 30,000 PLN.


    May 2015 - for our client we obtained a binding tax interpretation, thanks to which he avoided 97,000 PLN of tax.


    May 2014 - in a dispute with the Head of the Tax Office we obtained the annulment of two VAT decisions.


    July 2013 - in the dispute with the Head of the Tax Office we obtained the revocation of the decision on account of undisclosed sources of income in the amount of  140 000 PLN.


    June 2011 - our Law Firm won two more disputes with the Head of the Tax Office. Acting on behalf of our client, we have obtained the annulment of the decision in its entirety. The amount of the dispute was not insignificant, as it amounted to less than 40,000 PLN.


    With the help of a tax advisor you will find your place in the market of a united Europe. Poland's accession to the European Union has brought about a revolution in our country's legal system, at the same time showing certain possibilities which can be discussed with a tax advisor.

    Tax advisor is a guarantee of safe development of your company. Cooperation with a tax advisor will ensure the security of business activity and contribute to the dynamic development of the company. In conditions of frequently changing and subject to different interpretations of tax law, the professional assistance of a tax advisor is an element of competitive advantage.

    Tax advisor signs and gives his registration number on the list of advisors on tax returns and tax returns, for 5 years keeps a copy of the documents it has made, and in the case of error is liable for compensation for damage caused.